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Birmingham Entertainment Districts are specified areas where the consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed to extend beyond the immediate premises of individual retailers licensed by the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. In general, visitors are allowed to carry open containers purchased within the district and consume them outdoors within the district, but are not allowed to bring them into other licensed alcohol retailers or other businesses.

These entertainment districts were made possible under the auspices of the Act of Alabama 2012-438, signed by Governor Robert Bentley on August 1, 2012. Under the law certain municipalities may create up to five such districts no larger than 160 acres, and with no fewer than four licensed retailers per district.

Act of Alabama 2019-185, signed May 15, 2019 by Governor Kay Ivey expanded the class of municipalities that could create such districts. Subsequently the cities of Hoover, Trussville and Helena all created such districts.

In 2021, State Representative David Faulkner introduced separate legislation allowing Mountain Brook to designate its three historical commercial villages as entertainment districts.


For the City of Birmingham, an "Entertainment Districts Ordinance" (Ordinance No. 13-118) was passed by the Birmingham City Council and signed by Mayor William Bell on October 1, 2013. The ordinance gives the city the right to determine hours of operation for such districts, requires that beverages sold to be taken outside must be put into paper cups commercially printed to identify the licensee. The city further requires that each district must be licensed to an applicant, such as a merchants association, which is responsible for paying application fees; designing, erecting and maintaining signage to mark the boundaries and policies of the district and waste receptacles; and for managing policies such as the use of wristbands or other controls to facilitate enforcement of alcoholic beverage controls.

Approved Districts
  1. Uptown Entertainment District, implemented September 3, 2015 (5–11 PM Thu–Fri, 12–11 PM Sat–Sun)
  2. Pepper Place Entertainment District, authorized January 15, 2019, opened February 22, 2019
  3. Five Points South Entertainment District, authorized December 17, 2019 to take effect March 1, 2020 (5–11 PM Thu, 5 PM–12 AM Fri, 10 AM–12 AM Sat–Sun)
  4. Avondale Entertainment District, authorized June 23, 2020


The amended law allows the city of Hoover to establish up to three entertainment districts. The Hoover City Council approved its first, at Stadium Trace Village, in July 2020.

Approved Districts
  1. Stadium Trace Village Entertainment District


The city of Trussville dedicated a city-owned four-block Trussville Entertainment District at the corner of Chalkville Road and Main Street on October 27, 2020.

Approved Districts
  1. Trussville Entertainment District


On August 10, 2020 the Helena City Council passed an ordinance designating the Old Town Helena district along Alabama State Route 261 between Helena Elementary School and Buck Creek as an entertainment district under the state law.

Approved Districts
  1. Old Town Helena

Mountain Brook

The Mountain Brook City Council passed a resolution in support of creating entertainment districts in English Village, Mountain Brook Village, and Crestline Village. Representative David Faulkner introduced HB 479 on March 21, 2021 Alabama legislative session. It passed the Alabama House of Representatives on March 30 and, enrolled as Act of Alabama No. 2021-214, was signed by Governor Kay Ivey on April 15.


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