Eyes on Birmingham

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Mural detail in December 2020

"Eyes on Birmingham" is a painted mural on the front of a one-story vacant commercial building at 3827 1st Avenue North in North Avondale. It was painted in 2016 as a collaboration between Marcus Fetch and Blank Space Birmingham.

The mural depicts two deep-set eyes, rendered with black shading on a white background, looking out from the building and straight ahead, up 39th Street South. The irises are multi-colored and an array of bright-colored hexagons, suggesting a fragmented honeycomb, extends on both sides. The colors are arranged by the spectrum of visible light with red on the far right and violet on the far left.

In April 2020, during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, Fetch added a hospital blue surgical mask below the pair of eyes and the slogan "Stay Safe".


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