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This article is about the Southside cinema, for the Eastwood multiplex, see Festival 18.
Rendering of the Festival Cinema

The Festival Cinema was a movie theater located at 2500 7th Avenue South, on the northeast corner of the intersection with 25th Street in Southside. It opened in April 1969 with a screening of the 1968 British film "Joanna". From the beginning, the theatre screened adult movies.

Outfitted with floor to ceiling drapes on the walls and foam cushioned seats, the cinema advertised itself as "the only fully carpeted motion picture theatre in the world." It also touted its fully automated projection equipment and high-quality sound. The theater offered three nightly showings with matinees on weekends. When it opened tickets were $2.

An adjoining Cinema Canteen refreshment center had its own entrance and opened daily at 9:30 AM.

The space later housed the Jupiter Theatre in the 1980s. The building still stands and is the current home of Nabors Radiator Warehouse.