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Florence A. Hixson (born 1899 in Pennsylvania; died 1989 in Pennsylvania) was the first dean of the UAB School of Nursing, serving from 1950 to 1970.

She received her bachelor of science in 1931 from Columbia University and earned a Doctorate in Education from Columbia University in 1952. In 1950, Hixson was recruited to Tuscaloosa to create a new baccalaureate nursing program at the University of Alabama. In 1967 the School of Nursing was moved from Tuscaloosa to the Birmingham Medical District.

She retired from UAB in 1970 and died in 1989. She was buried at St John's Lutheran Cemetery in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The former nursing dormitory, Hixson Hall, was named in her honor.

Preceded by:
Dean of the UAB School of Nursing
Succeeded by:
Marie O'Koren


  • (August 25, 1950) "Alabama starts nursing school in September; Hixson to be dean" The Birmingham News

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