Fred Shuttlesworth statue

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Fred Shuttlesworth statue

The Fred Shuttlesworth statue is a sculpture depicting Birmingham Civil Rights leader Fred Shuttlesworth. The bronze by John Rhoden (1918–2001) was unveiled on November 14, 1992 during the dedication of the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. It is located on 16th Street North near the entrance to the museum, facing Kelly Ingram Park.

Shuttlesworth is depicted at life size in a striding pose. In accordance with his expressed wishes, he is depicted without a furrowed brow and with his hand open rather than clenched into a fist. The statue sits on a modest plinth with the following inscription:

Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth
Birmingham's Civil Rights Freedom Fighter
With singular courage he fired the
imagination and raised the hopes of
an oppressed people.

A second granite marker gives the formal title of the work as "The Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth" and identifies the artist as a "native son of Birmingham."


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