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FuelFox is a subscription-based service for mobile vehicle refueling. The service operates scheduled service appointments at a number of "FoxStop" locations for individuals, and on-site service to vehicle fleets. The company was founded in 2018 by attorney Ben Morris.

FuelFox recruits off-duty firefighters with hazardous materials training as its service "ambassadors", who are also licensed to drive its 14-foot, 1,200 gallon Hino cabover fuel trucks.

Members pay monthly or yearly for access to the service, then use a smartphone app to check-in to their preferred location, such as a workplace, gym or church. Customers park and leave their fuel tank access doors open. The company fills the tank, charging "AAA county-wide average" prices, checks tire pressure and tread, and cleans front windshields, notifying the customer through the app of any observed hazards.

In September 2019 the company raised an additional $2 million in capital to expand.


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