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Galax Theater in 1920. O. V. Hunt. Courtesy Birmingham Public Library
Galax Theater in 1939. W. B. Phillips. Courtesy Birmingham Public Library
Marquee of the Galax Theater in 1945

The Galax Theater was built prior to 1920 as a silent movie theater at 1919 2nd Avenue North. It was one of a string of cinemas that opened on that block, including the Strand, the Trianon and the Alcazar.

The theater converted to talkies soon after they were introduced in 1927. A new marquee was installed before 1939. The theater's business license was revoked by the Birmingham City Commission on October 22, 1940, but the theater did reopen.

A fire damaged the theater in February 16, 1945. Owner Acme Theaters undertook a full renovation, carried out by Ralph A. Stallman & Co. contractors. The theater reopened on November 16 with a screening of "Dillinger" starring Edmund Lowe and Anne Jeffreys.

The Galax Theater building was demolished in 1963 to make way for the BTNB building (1964).