Galleria Boulevard flyover

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Photo from the north along Interstate 459.

The Galleria Boulevard flyover is a 1,000 foot long highway overpass, located at Exit 13-A along Interstate 459 in the city limits of Hoover. Opening on Wednesday, November 20, 2002, the flyover cost $40 million to complete and was constructed to relieve traffic congestion along Montgomery Highway (U. S. Highway 31) in the area around the Riverchase Galleria.

Proposed as early as 1994, the construction of the flyover was made possible with 80 percent federal funding and 10 percent each from the state and Hoover. Additionally, Galleria manager Jim Wilson, Jr. donated $2 million in cash and land for the flyover construction. Construction on the flyover began on December 1, 2000.

The Patton Creek Shopping Center was proposed almost immediately following the commencement of the flyover's construction due to the access to the site provided by the new exit and Galleria Boulevard, which connects to Alabama Highway 150, also known as John Hawkins Parkway.

The second phase of the flyover project was completed in November 2013 with the completion of the Chapel Lane extension, which connects Patton Chapel Road and portions of Hoover north of I-459 to Galleria Boulevard and the Patton Creek Shopping Center.

The proposed third phase would continue Galleria Boulevard southward beyond John Hawkins Parkway to connect with Old Montgomery Highway and the residential portion of Riverchase.


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