George Eubank

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George Eubank (born August 1861 in Alabama; died December 17, 1928 in Jefferson County) was a dentist, a partner with his brother Alfred Eubank in the Eubanks Brothers clinic. They were two of the nine children born to former Jefferson County Sheriff William C. Eubank and his wife, Eliza.

In the 1886 Birmingham mayoral election he was a candidate for Birmingham Board of Aldermen for the 2nd Ward on James Luckie's "Workingman's Ticket". The election was won handily by incumbent A. O. Lane.

In 1898 George Eubank leased a room for his practice on the 2nd floor of the Chalifoux Building.

Eubank attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee and may have earned a second degree at either Harvard or Yale. He married the former Caroline Campbell "Cammie" Blackwood and had three children; George, William and Helen.

Eubank died in 1928 and is buried at Oak Hill Cemetery.