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George Nicholas Gulas (born c. 1949) is a former professional wrestler.

George was the son of wrestling promoter Nick Gulas. He began appearing on cards as a wrestler in 1974. Though he was given a significant "push" by his father and claimed several tag-team titles with Gorgeous George Jr and others, he was generally considered a poor wrestler. Nick Gulas' Memphis partner Jerry Jarrett rarely offered George any exposure in that market, causing friction that led to Jarrett taking over the western half of the Gulas/Welch territory on his own.

In 1977 Gulas and Tojo Yamamoto won a Mid-America tag title in a championship event in Nashville, Tennessee, but Gulas was injured later that fall. In 1978 Yamamoto "turned" on his partner and George re-teamed with Bobby Eaton to defeat the team of Yamamoto and Gypsy Joe. They lost the belt to Terry Gordy and Michael Hayes in 1979. Gulas' career came to a close when his father retired from full-time promoting in 1980.

Gulas spent a few years in the early 1980s as producer of a UCW studio wrestling program. He went on to work as a high school basketball coach and referee, and opened the "Gulas & Tojo's Oriental & Greek Foods" restaurant with Yamamoto in Nashville. In 2011 George Gulas helped promote a Nashville event with Ron Sisk under the "Gulas Old School Wrestling" banner.