Ghion Cultural Hall

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Ghion Cultural Hall logo.png
View of Ghion Cultural Hall from Pizitz Food Hall. Photographed by Bob Carlton for

Ghion Cultural Hall was a full-service Ethiopian restaurant located at the Pizitz Food Hall. The Atlanta-based business was recruited by Bayer Properties in consultation with food bloggers Scott Doty and Jessie Merlin to join the food hall as one of the earliest restaurants to offer Ethiopian cuisine in Alabama.

Co-owner Amanshwa Takele, who grew up in a family of restaurateurs in Addis Ababa, operated the Birmingham location, which offered a full range of dishes focusing on a variety of tibs served with injera on large, shareable platters set in a shallow woven basket. Ghion also offered a ceremonial coffee service.

Ghion Cultural Hall closed in 2019. The space was remodeled for Ashley Mac's