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Glenn E. Messer Airport Highway is an east-west street serving as a connection between downtown Birmingham and the Birmingham International Airport. It was named in honor of aviation pioneer Glenn E. Messer. The westernmost section by that name ends at 31st Street North, although the road continues further west as 5th Avenue North. The easternmost section forms a loop around the parking garages at the Birmingham International Airport. Messer Airport Highway is a two-way street for its entire length, the majority of which is four to five lanes wide.

Between 42nd Street and 44th Street, Messer Airport Highway is separated from 1st Avenue North by only a narrow, landscaped median. 1st Avenue is not accessible from Messer Airport Highway at this point, the closest links being 41st Street and 45th Place North. Two gas stations at either end of the narrow median use concrete barriers to prevent motorists from cutting through.

Messer Airport Highway is accessible from and to Interstate 20 and Interstate 59 at exit 129 in both directions.

Notable locations

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