Grayson's Spinning Wheel

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Grayson's in Southside in 1945
Grayson's sign in Lakeview in 1949
Grayson's Spinning Wheel in Wahouma

Grayson's Spinning Wheel (originally Grayson's Delicious Ice Cream) was a chain of ice cream parlors founded by Mercer Grayson in 1937. Grayson was co-inventor of an ice cream freezer he developed along with David Stull, who moved to Birmingham from Altoona, Pennsylvania in 1910 to organize the Birmingham Ice Cream Company. Grayson opened multiple locations, all featuring "Spinning Wheel" milkshakes, supplied from the main creamery at 801 20th Street South.

The 1st Avenue North location at 69th Street in Wahouma was famously decorated with sprayed-concrete icicles covering the entire building and drive-thru canopy with a sculpted polar bear on the roof. Other locations included 8 20th Street North in downtown Birmingham, 29th Street South in Lakeview, and 3rd Avenue West near Lowe's Skating Rink.