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2019 plaque

Gresham Elementary School was a part of the Jefferson County Board of Education school system until 2018 when it was sold to Vestavia Hills and renamed to Vestavia Hills Elementary Dolly Ridge. It was built in 1967 and was located on 27 acres at 2680 Gresham Drive in Vestavia Hills. Gresham Elementary was a kindergarten through fifth-grade school comprised of approximately 375 students and 50 faculty and staff members. After 5th grade, students moved up to Irondale Middle School and Shades Valley High School.

In 2007, the Jefferson County Board of Education renamed the former Gresham Middle School campus to Gresham Elementary School and completely renovated it to accommodate elementary school students. The elementary students came primarily from Cahaba Heights Elementary School after it was annexed into Vestavia Hills and the students who did not live in the newly annexed areas had to be moved to a different school.

Prior to being a middle school, it was known as Gresham Junior High School and was named for Owen Gresham, who was a mortgage executive and long-time member of the Jefferson County Board of Education.

When the school was a junior high school, the feeder schools were Rocky Ridge and Cahaba Heights elementary schools. The junior high school had grades 7-9 and, after graduation, students moved up to Shades Valley High School.


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