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The Hackney Literary Awards are awarded annually for new novels, short stories and poetry from Alabama and the entire United States. The program was created in 1969 by the family of Cecil Hackney. The organization's offices are located at 1305 2nd Avenue North.

Winners of the annual competition are announced during the Writing Today conference at Birmingham-Southern College.

Recent winners



  • Novel: Lauren Wolk
  • National Story: Elinathan Ohiomoba
  • State Story: Wayne Greenhaw
  • National Poetry: Vivian Shipley
  • State Poettry: Gail Gehiken


  • Novel: Sandra Kolankiewicz
  • National Story: Jason Wiener
  • State Story: Claire Burgess
  • National Poetry: Gladys Poppy Perez-Bashier
  • State Poettry: James Mersmann


  • Novel: Cary Groner
  • National Story: Barbara Crane
  • State Story: Erin K. Sullivan
  • National Poetry: Ed Frankel
  • State Poettry: Sue Scalf


  • Novel: Ed Davis
  • National Story: Scott Kauffman
  • State Story: Wayne Greenhaw
  • National Poetry: W. F. Lantry
  • State Poettry: Laura Davenport



  • Novel: Kurt Kamm
  • National Story: Thomas McConnell
  • State Story: Lee Smith
  • National Poetry: Karen Bowden
  • State Poetry: Tyler Dennis


  • Novel: Glenn Skwerer
  • National Story: Zachariah Barry
  • State Story: Steve Coleman
  • National Poetry: Joan Kantor
  • State Poetry: James Mersmann


  • Novel: Russell Working, Red Corner
  • National Story: Celine Keating,Home
  • State Story: Van Newell, The Saturday Night Live Suicides
  • National Poetry: Vivian Shipley, Foxfire
  • State Poetry: John Saad, Southbound


  • Novel: J. A. Bernstein, Gleanings
  • National Story: Emily Franklin, Qualities of a Modern Farmer
  • State Story: Beth Hamer Miles, Crowd Control
  • National Poetry: Ravi Shankar, Zen in Hollywood
  • State Poetry: George Sawaya, Apology to the Bluebird


  • Novel: Annabel Thomas, Theona of the Bees
  • National Story: Laine Cunningham, Eating Words
  • State Story: Mary Palmer, The Concrete Block Wall
  • National Poetry: Bracha K. Sharp, Tender
  • State Poetry: Tina Mozelle Braziel, Known By Salt


  • Novel: Cary Groner, River of Forgetting
  • National Story: Thomas Donovan, Fitz
  • State Story: Stephen Edmonson, Climbing Jacobs Ladder
  • National Poetry: Natalie Bryant Rizzieri, Studies of the Dark
  • State Poetry: Melissa Morphew, The Melodramatic Scene


  • Novel: Rae Meadows, No Man's Land
  • National Story: Brenda Liebling-Goldberg, Edelweiss
  • National Poetry: Dannye Powell, The Secret


  • Novel: Miriam Ruth Black, Shayna
  • National Story: Margaret McGinty, Gentrify This
  • National Poetry: Jane Craven, De Rerum Natura

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