Hallmark Farm

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House at Hallmark Farm in 2022
View of Hallmark Farm in 2002

Hallmark Farm was a large estate off of I-65 in Warrior which is known for its landscaped grounds and iconic red-roofed barn. The 567-acre property was developed by Ted and Mary Hallmark in 1976.

Ted Hallmark, owner of a coal mining equipment company, died in 2013. His wife died a year later. Their son resided in the house until the family sold it to the Hallmark Farms Cooperative, a joint initiative of Jefferson County and the City of Warrior, for $7.5 million in 2019. The cooperative plans a redevelopment of most of the site for light industrial, retail and office space, called the Hallmark Cooperative District. The home and barn itself were to be preserved, with the latter to be operated as an event facility.

Hallmark Farm was selected to host the Decorators' ShowHouse fund raiser for the Alabama Symphony Orchestra in 2020. Due to the COVID pandemic the event was delayed until 2022.


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