Harmon's Beauty Salon

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Harmon's Beauty Salon (originally the Kenilworth Arms Beauty Shop) was a hair salon established in 1927 by Mrs O. C. Harmon in the Kenilworth Arms apartment building at 2124 Highland Avenue. She relocated the shop a year later to the newly-opened Munger Building at 1927 11th Avenue South on Five Points Circle.

In addition to Harmon, the salon's personnel in 1928 included stylists Blanche Chapman, Jane Bell, Rose Caldwell, Anna Youngblood and barber Walter Bryant. At that time the shop specialized in the "Shad-O-Lure Wave". The shop remained there at least through 1931.

Another Harmon's Beauty Salon was operated by Elnor Harmon at 557 3rd Avenue Northeast in Alden, north of Graysville, in 1977.