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The Hillcrest Golf and Country Club was a 92-acre private country club located off of Oxmoor Road in Homewood, on the present site of the Palisades shopping center.

The country club was an outgrowth of the Phoenix Club, which had been founded in 1883 by Birmingham's Reform Jewish community, predominantly those of German descent. That group became dormant before the 1920s. In 1922 Hugo Marx, Leo Kayser, and G. Goldman led a group which purchased the property for $40,000 and developed a 9-hole golf course and clubhouse building.

In 1957 the club commissioned architect Lawrence Whitten to design a new clubhouse which would accommodate 250 people, and assessed each member $1,000, which was to be held in trust and returned if the proposed new building and its furnishings could not be secured for less than $300,000.

It merged on May 20, 1968 with the newer Conservative (East European) Jewish Fairmont Country Club to become the Pine Tree Country Club.

The land was also the former site of the Zamora Shrine Temple before it became the present day shopping center.

Golf course demolition

All photographs are from 1986.


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