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Isaac Croom Beatty Jr (born December 20, 1878 in Hale County; died November 11, 1956) was a former general manager for the Birmingham Realty Company.

Beatty was the son of Isaac Croom and Marianna du Brutz Beatty and moved to Birmingham with them in 1885. He graduated from Birmingham High School in 1895 and took a job as office boy in the law firm of London and London. He briefly assumed the study of law, but set that aside to become assistant to A. L. Fulenwider, president of the Birmingham Realty Company, successor firm to the Elyton Land Company, founders of Birmingham.

When Fulenwider stepped down in 1908, Beatty was asked to take over his duties with the title of general manager.

Beatty married Hughie Duffee in 1900 and had four children, Donald, Dorothy, Hughie and Malcolm. After she died, he married Maibelle Roden, daughter of Benjamin Roden, and had one more child, Isaac III, born in 1914.

Beatty died in 1956 and is buried at Elmwood Cemetery.