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Java Lewis. Photo courtesy Red Mountain Images

Java Lewis, also known as Mr Painterman (born c. 1954) is a painter and former hair stylist who lives on the streets in Birmingham.

Lewis grew up in the Tarpley City neighborhood, but moved to Detroit with his family while he was in grade school. He learned to paint in high school and took a job as a hair stylist in Detroit.

In the early 2000s, after some time in Dallas, Texas, he returned to Birmingham, supporting himself by selling paintings on the street and spending many nights at the Brother Bryan Mission. Birmingham homicide detective Herman Harris became friends with Lewis, giving him a pair of shoes from his Crestline Shoe Shop and offering tips on managing money.

First American Bank executive Patti Reid later helped him publish a book of his work, entitled Mr Painterman. With help from her and other supporters he began living in his own home in 2010.

Recently, Lewis and photographer David Murray have hosted semi-annual group art shows at the Carver Theatre.


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