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The Jefferson County Probate Court is a specialized court of law administering the distribution of assets and debts following the death of a person. The court was separated from the primary Jefferson County Court by an 1850 act of the Alabama State Legislature, creating courts of probate for each county. Following the establishment of the Bessemer Cut-Off in 1915, the Jefferson County Commission created a deputy judge seat in 1926 to serve that division. In 1980 a second judge was added to the court, establishing 2 "places".

In accordance with its primary responsibility of settling estates, the probate court also maintains records of land transaction deeds, mortgages, marriages, name changes, legitimations of children born outside marriage, guardianships, adoptions, the formation of trusts, conservatorships, and the commitment of persons due to mental illness. In addition, the Judge of Probate serves as the county's Chief Election Official.

Probate Judges

Deputy Probate Judge for the Bessemer District


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