John Garrett (CEO)

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John Garrett (born c. 1979 in Hawthorne, California; died September 12, 2014 in Birmingham) was the CEO of Chronicle Studio, a web development company.

Garrett lost both parents while still young and never graduated from high school. He found work in maintenance sales at a Ford dealership in 1999. In 2001 he moved to Clearwater, Florida as director of the Master's Commission ministry training school. In 2004 he joined Apple, Inc. in business sales and handled the accounts for Caesar's in Atlanta City.

In 2007 Garrett moved to Birmingham and began working as director of business development for Frusterio & Associates. In November 2009 he continued in the same capacity for Infomedia. In 2011 he partnered with his partners at the Microfit Group to launch Chronicle Studio.

Garrett died in his sleep in September 2014. He was survived by his wife, Jennifer Jordan Garrett and one son.