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The Jones Valley Trail (also called the Jones Valley Greenway, Jones Valley Corridor, 1st Avenue South Trail or the 1st Avenue South Greenway) is a 28.8-mile recreational trail which forms a major spine of the Red Rock Ridge & Valley Trail System.

The initial section of the corridor is a 2-mile walking and cycling trail connecting Railroad Park in Birmingham's Parkside District to 41st Street South in Avondale. The trail was opened in sections, with the connection to Avondale completed in 2021. The western end of that segment of the trail is at the corner of 1st Avenue South and 18th Street where it connects to the Railroad Park trails and the 18th Street Connector. From there, the trail passes by the Powell Avenue Steam Plant and Spire Alabama Midtown Business Center.

At 20th Street South the trail enters a former railroad cut which was renovated by the Rotary Club of Birmingham in 2014 as the "Rotary Trail". The entrance to that section is marked by a large sign modeled after the "Magic City sign" which had once welcomed visitors from the Birmingham Terminal Station. The Rotary Trail ends under the 24th Street Viaduct, where it is marked by the "Frank's Table" sculpture, dedicated in November 2019.

One block later, at a trailhead with a bike tool kiosk, the greenway returns to a dedicated pathway, set off from the street by a row of bollards and trees as it continues past the Pepper Place district to 32nd Street South. The extension of the greenway for another 9 blocks to 41st Street is projected to open in early 2021.


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