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Joseph Clifford Turner (born 1855 in Elisabethtown, New York; died 1926 in Birmingham) was an architect with several fine homes to his credit.

Turner, son of Alexander Turner, married Flora Hathaway on September 18, 1890 in Huntsville. They lived in Augusta, Georgia and had four daughters, Helen Louise (1891), Marjoria Flora (1892), Mary Hathaway (1894) and Dorothy (1896). In 1901 the couple moved to Birmingham where he worked in association with his wife's brother-in-law, Henry Robinson. Turner designed and constructed a showpiece mansion on Beech Street (21st Way South). The couple's first son, Henry Robinson, was born that year.

Flora contracted pneumonia shortly after the birth of Josephine Flora, and died on February 1, 1904. Because of her Christian Scientist faith, she had refused medical treatment. Turner blamed a visit to the uncompleted house in cold winter weather for his wife's illness. He sold the 20-room mansion to Massey Business College founder Richard Massey. He reportedly took to drinking in his grief and lost his career and wealth. Turner died in 1926.

Notable buildings