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The Kamram Grotto, or Kam-Ram Grotto, was a secret society of Freemasons founded in 1922. The organization accepted members who were already members of Masonic lodges and provided an insurance policy of $2,000 in return for regular dues. The Grotto acted as a social and outreach arm of the Masonic order. By 1931 the organization's offices were located on the 2nd floor of the Lincoln Life Building at 1827 1st Avenue North.

In 1927 the local Kamrams held a national conference of grottoes in Birmingham. The grotto is best known for developing the Medical Arts Building (now the Hotel Highland) and the Pickwick Club at Five Points South in 1931.

Birmingham's Kamram Grotto sponsored a Kamram Club for boys at the former All Saints Episcopal Mission parish house at 614 29th Street South (which had housed Holy Innocents Hospital from 1911 to 1914). Walter Boles was resident watchman for the club in 1942. The site was vacant by 1952.