Kennedy School

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Kennedy Alternative School
Kennedy School.jpg
BCS small logo.png Birmingham City Schools
Years 1900s2008
Location 113 63rd Street North, (map)
Principal Evelyn Nettles
Enrollment ? (-)

The Kennedy School was a primary school located at 113 63rd Street North in Birmingham's Wahouma neighborhood. The school was established prior to 1910 by the then-independent City of Woodlawn.

The first building was a two-story brick-clad building with arched upper windows and ornate gable dormers, stylistically identical to the Gibson School. The school was absorbed into Birmingham as part of the Greater Birmingham annexation which took effect in January 1910.

In the 1920s the school was rebuilt in red brick with arched windows on the ground floor and neoclassical-style concrete entryways. Later the school was changed to Kennedy Alternative Opportunities Center, charged with educating students who proved disruptive to the educational environment at other schools. Riggins Alternative School was added in 2005 to accommodate overcrowding at Kennedy and to handle the most incorrigible students. 40 students from the newly-combined Jackson-Olin High School were sent to Kennedy in November 2006 following a series of fights.

The school was closed in 2008 amid cost-cutting. Its programs were moved to the former Dupuy Elementary School.