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Kim Paul "Kimbo" Walker (born August 4, 1956 in Maryville, North Dakota; died November 7, 2019 in Birmingham) was a bartender at the Upside Down Plaza in Five Points South.

Walker grew up in North Dakota and traveled across the country several times before settling in Birmingham. He began working at Upside Down Plaza in the 1990s. He adhered to the rule that, "life ain’t that damn difficult." He was known for ringing a bell and announcing "Hooligans!" when groups entered the bar. He handed out business cards identifying himself as, "The Famous Bartender".

Early on the morning of November 7, 2019 Walker assisted co-workers in removing a group of unruly patrons from the bar. He was found dead at his apartment on 18th Street South later that day, having apparently succumbed to injuries received during that incident. Police investigated his death as a homicide.


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