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Lakeshore Parkway is an approximately 9-1/2 mile, northeast-southwest road that acts as an extension of Lakeshore Drive in Homewood, connecting it to Alabama State Highway 150 in southeast Bessemer, but the majority of the road is in the Birmingham city limits. It is a four-lane divided highway featuring a wide median for its entire length, although it expands for additional turn lanes at most intersections.

The first portion of Lakeshore Parkway, from Green Springs Highway/Columbiana Road to West Oxmoor Road, including the Interstate 65 interchange, was completed in the early 1990s. A few years later it was extended to Shannon Wenonah Road and finally, on April 19, 2001, to Highway 150. The road is planned to eventually connect to Morgan Road at Interstate 459.

The City of Birmingham is restricting development on its portion of the road through a group of covenants. Instead of direct access to the parkway, developments must provide access from side streets, the number of which will be limited. The convenants also require high-quality building materials and extensive landscaping and restricts signage to four colors. This is all in an effort to prevent the kinds of traffic and development problems that have taken place with U.S. Highway 280.

Notable locations

  • Borah Avenue intersects
    • 4201–4205: Former site for a proposed 112,000-square-foot distribution center