Lakeshore Parkway I-65 interchange

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The Lakeshore Parkway I-65 interchange is a highway interchange providing access to and from Interstate 65 from Lakeshore Parkway and West Lakeshore Drive near the Wildwood shopping center in Homewood, north of Shades Mountain and west of Green Springs Highway.

From 2002 until his death in 2020 Christian evangelist John Brown regularly set up scores of signs and preached to passers by from the right-of-way west of the interchange. He claimed that God led him to the spot, which he considered to be "holy ground".

In February 2021 the Alabama Department of Transportation began a $14 million construction project to reconfigure the interchange in a "diverging diamond" pattern. It was the second interchange of that type to be built in Alabama. The City of Homewood provided $2.8 million in funding for the work.