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This is a List of Birmingham cemeteries. For Jefferson County cemeteries outside of Birmingham's city limits, see List of Jefferson County cemeteries.

Cemetery Founded Closed Address Neighborhood Burials Map Find-A-Grave Alternate names
Advent Rector's Garden 1969 present Cathedral Church of the Advent, 525 20th Street North Central City 19 map link -
Atwood Cemetery 1846 1871 Birmingport Road at Parsons Loop Road Sherman Heights 10 map link -
Avondale Mills Cemetery 1900 present in Forest Hill Cemetery Woodlawn 53 map link Comer Cemetery, Mill Village Cemetery, Old Mill Cemetery
Beth-El Cemetery 1903 present 19th Street & 26th Avenue North Enon Ridge 103 map link -
Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery (Pratt City) 1953 1971 Pratt City 273 - link Bethel Cemetery
Brownsville Cemetery 1865 present - - 100 - link Maple Grove Cemetery
Cahaba Methodist Church Cemetery 1897 present 3580 Cahaba Valley Road Overton 90 map link -
Canaan Memorial Cemetery ? present 4100 41st Street North Inglenook 80 map link Inglenook Cemetery
Central Park Cemetery 1845 present 4616 Terrace R Central Park 85 map link Martin Cemetery
East Lake Cemetery 1830 present 78th Street at Division Avenue East Lake 680 map link Old Ruhama Baptist Church Cemetery
Elmwood Cemetery 1900 present 600 Martin Luther King Jr Drive Arlington-West End 107,000 map link Elmleaf Cemetery
Elyton Cemetery 1821 1987 426 2nd Avenue North Arlington-West End 142 map link -
Emanu-El Cemetery 1883 present 11th Court & 4th Street North Enon Ridge 974 map link Northside Cemetery, Temple Emanu-El Cemetery
Enon Ridge Cemetery 1908 1957 12th Avenue at 3rd Street North Enon Ridge 130 map link Odd Fellows Cemetery, Enon Ridge Pioneer Cemetery
Five Mile Cemetery 1886 present 1137 Five Mile Road Killough Springs 115 map link -
Forest Hill Cemetery 1882 present 431 60th Street North Woodlawn 25,233 map link -
Fraternal Cemetery 1881 present Sheridan Road North Pratt 2,773 map link Greenwood Cemetery, Pratt Mines Cemetery, Sam Foley Cemetery, United Mine Workers Cemetery
Gate City Cemetery 1890 1950 6701 Oporto-Madrid Boulevard Brown Springs 150-200 map link -
Grace Hill Cemetery 1913 present 1931 Martin Luther King Jr Drive Mason City 9,000 map link New Grace Hill Cemetery
Green Community Cemetery 1835 1883 Kent Road Sun Valley 46 map link Green Cemetery
Greenwood Cemetery 1890 present University Avenue Woodlawn 10,000 map link Woodlawn Cemetery, Union Cemetery
Huffman Methodist Cemetery 1865 present 700 Huffman Road Huffman 200 map link -
Knesseth-Israel Cemetery 1890 present 320 11th Court North Enon Ridge 1,600 map link Cemetery Knesses Israel, Beth-El Cemetery
Legion Field Cemetery 1820 1910 west parking area, McLendon Park Smithfield 800 map - -
Mason Cemetery 1904 1934 39th Court North at 24th Street North Birmingham 25 map link -
McElwain Cemetery 1875 present 4445 Montevallo Road Crestline 363 map link -
Mimms Cemetery 1890 present Mimm's Gap Wenonah ? - - Mimis Cemetery
Mount Olive Cemetery 1910 present Venice Road Oxmoor ? map link -
New Rising Star Cemetery 1963 present London Avenue Brown Springs 50 map - -
Our Lady of Sorrows Cemetery - - Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church, 708 1st Street South South Titusville 80 map link -
Oakland Cemetery 1884 present 1300 Warrior Road Ensley Highlands 6,500 map link
Oxmoor Cemetery 1825 1912 West Oxmoor Road at Wenonah Oxmoor Road Oxmoor 300 map link U.S. Steel Cemetery
Red Mountain Cemetery - 1906 Lane Park, Cahaba Road Redmont Park 4,711 map link Southside Cemetery
Shadow Lawn Memorial Park 1930s present 1600 12th Street Southwest Mason City 11,341 map link Shadowlawn Memorial Gardens, Mason City Cemetery
Southside Catholic Cemetery - - 1200 10th Avenue South Glen Iris 4 map link
Sunrise Memorial Gardens - present 4386 Buzbee Road Apple Valley 1,327 map link
Union Hill Cemetery Canterbury Cemetery 1870s present 600 Hollywood Boulevard map link
Wilson Chapel Cemetery 1818 present 412 Cumberland Drive Roebuck 49 map link
Wood Family Cemetery - present 117 57th Street North Woodlawn 150 map link
Zion Memorial Gardens 1850s present 501 Tarrant Huffman Road Zion City 2,166 map link Higgins Cemetery, Mt Zion Cemetery


A 2002 state law requires the owners of actively-used cemeteries and burial plots to register with the Alabama Department of Insurance and to establish an endowment care fund with a percentage of revenues generated from the sale of plots and mausoleum and columbarium spaces.

In 2017 state legislators Juandalynn Givan, Mary Moore and Louise Alexander sponsored a bill to create a Jefferson County Cemetery Board, a volunteer group that would hear complaints of negligent management and neglect and be empowered to impose fines or declare properties a public nuisance. The bill was signed into law by Governor Kay Ivey. The first members were appointed to the board in February 2018.


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