List of Birmingham homicides in 1998

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This is a List of Birmingham homicides in 1998. 85 homicide cases were reported within the city limits during the calendar year, a 20% drop from 1997. Note that not all homicides are ultimately ruled to be murder in courts of law.

Listing by date

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  • January: Shedarrell Robinson, 25, was shot in the chest, thigh and arm during a home invasion in Kingston. Rodney Rice was charged with murder, but acquitted at trial.
  • February 13: Darren Seales was shot while aiding his wife and child after they were being robbed at their apartment in Center Point. Quintez Nunn and Nigel Sanders were suspected from the start, but were not charged until 2006. Nunn was convicted of felony murder in June 2008 and sentenced to 99 years in prison. (report)
  • May 25: Tavaneka Nicole Sellers, 18, was found dead in a shallow grave on the 5400 block of 30th Way North near the North Birmingham Landfill, 13 days after disappearing on her way to Ensley High School. The case is unsolved. A $5,000 reward has been offered for information leading to a conviction in her death. (report)
  • December 21: LaTanya Bedgood was stabbed in the heart during an argument at the Metropolitan Gardens public housing community. Shekina Lavender was convicted of murder. (report)

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