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This is a List of Birmingham homicides in 2018. It includes homicide cases occurring within the city limits during the calendar year. Note that a "homicide" refers to the cause of death as determined by a medical examiner, not to the commission of the crime of murder as charged by police and prosecutors.

34 homicides have been reported in the city as of April 20, putting the city on pace for 113 for the year. Based on the 2017 census estimate of 217,158 population, that would represent 52.0 homicides per 100,000 residents. Birmingham had 115 homicides in 2017. The recent record low of 62 homicides was set in 2014, and the recent record high was 141 in 1992. At this point in 2017, 38 homicides had been reported.

The city has averaged 9.3 homicides per month, or one every 3.2 days. There were 7 incidents in January, 11 in February, 12 in March and 4 so far in April. The longest stretch without a homicide was the 11 day span between January 19-30. Three deaths were reported on Sundays, 9 on Mondays, 4 on Tuesdays, 4 on Wednesdays, 3 on Thursdays, 6 on Fridays, and 5 on Saturdays.

Three of the reported homicides were ruled justifiable as self-defense by investigators or prosecutors. In one of those cases murder charges were filed against an accomplice of the victim. Another case resulted from reckless driving. The police department therefore acknowledges 30 chargeable homicides, two of which were charged as manslaughter and the rest as murder. Suspects have been identified in 13 cases, apprehended in 12, and charged in 8. Two suspects killed themselves.

30 deaths so far have resulted from shootings, one from stabbing, one from reckless driving, and two from unspecified causes. Twelve incidents occurred on the streets, one at a public park, 10 at private homes, one at a school, 5 at businesses, and 5 at apartment complexes. 20 were reported in the West Precinct, 7 in the East Precinct, 1 in the South Precinct and 6 in the North Precinct. Two deaths resulted from self-defense, one from a robbery, one from a domestic incident, three from sudden arguments, six over ongoing disputes, one from a stray bullet, one from reckless driving, and the motive is unknown in 19 other deaths. 28 victims were male, 5 were female, and one was an unborn fetus.

Listing by date

  1. January 3: Elie Jameel Miller, 18, was shot to death at the King City Food Mart on Warrior Road and Avenue P in Belview Heights (map) Investigators determined that he and his twin brother Kenneth had attempted to steal a car with a female passenger inside and were confronted by the owner, who shot at them during a struggle. The shooter was not charged. Kenneth Miller was charged with felony murder as an accomplice in a crime that resulted in a homicide. (report)
  2. January 6: DeQuinton Danner, 25, was shot to death while driving his girlfriend's car on the 300 block of Robison Drive in Roebuck (map). No arrest. (report)
  3. January 11: Felicia Antoinette Fletcher, 31, was found shot to death in an apparent murder-suicide inside an apartment at Tom Brown Village housing project in North Avondale (map). Lee Otis Farrow Hamilton, 28, is believed to have killed her before shooting himself. (report)
  4. January 15: Eric Cotton, 28, was shot to death inside a home at 3633 45th Avenue North in Harriman Park (map). His friend, Luther Gray, had been hanging out and drinking before he suddenly pulled two guns and began firing. A woman escaped the house unharmed. Gray pursued her and broke into a neighbor's house and fired more rounds without further injury. He was arrested nearby by police responding to the sound of gunfire and later charged with murder, assault and burglary. (report)
  5. January 15: Gregory Walker, 61, was shot to death on the 4700 block of Carver Avenue Southwest in Hillman map). He was killed during a confrontation over an earlier hit-and-run collision. The shooter surrendered to police for questioning, but no charges were filed because it was determined he fired in self-defense. (report)
  6. January 18: James Chapman, 19, was shot to death after pulling a gun during an altercation in a house on the 200 block of Tucker Avenue in Roebuck map). After an investigation, prosecutors determined the shooting was self-defense and did not file criminal charges. (report)
  7. January 30: Sheldon "Tron" Watkins, 26, was assaulted and shot to death at the Chevron gas station at 1800 31st Street Southwest in Jones Valley (map). He and his assailant had been involved in an ongoing jealous dispute. The shooter, Bobby Eugene Cox, initially fled the scene, but later turned himself in to police and was charged with murder. (report)
  8. February 2: Ricky Parker, 58, was found shot to death in the back yard of his home on the 1000 block of 46th Street Ensley in Belview Heights (map). No arrest. (report)
  9. February 2: Michael Lee, 17, was wounded in a shootout between two cars at McAlpine Park on the 1100 block of Avenue F in Ensley (map). Both vehicles fled and Lee was found later in Fairfield. The incident appears to have begun as an online dispute. No arrest. (report)
  10. February 3: Davon Everson, 22, was fatally wounded in a shootout between cars on the 2000 block of 28th Street in Ensley Highlands (map). He was found behind the wheel of his car in the bushes at Fairview Park nearby. Either he or a passenger in his car may have been targeted in retaliation for an earlier shooting. No arrest. (report)
  11. February 4: Rickey Smith, 61, was found shot to death behind the Western Mental Health Center at 1701 Avenue D in Ensley (map). No arrest. (report)
  12. February 9: Dietrich "Dede" Boone, 20, was shot to death in the back yard of a home on the 8400 block of 9th Avenue South in South East Lake (map). The shooting was part of a dispute over a woman. Arron Jamal Gaines turned himself in to police, and was charged with murder. (report)
  13. February 11: Reginald Brown, 50, was shot to death during an argument outside the Omar Discount Store at 1531 12th Court North in Fountain Heights (map). No arrest. (report)
  14. February 12: Ty Alexander Pepper, 19, was shot to death in an assault on 12th Avenue North in Fountain Heights (map). The shooter fled the scene. No arrest. (report)
  15. February 12: Elizabeth Annette Price, 18, Pepper's girlfriend, was killed in the same assault.
  16. February 20: Darrel Keith Daniels, 46, a transient, was found dead behind the Chevron station on the 1300 block of Bessemer Road in Central Park (map). He was stabbed in the leg during an argument with another man and bled out. A suspect was taken into custody, but has not yet been charged. (report)
  17. February 21: Eric Anthony Roney, 51, was fatally wounded by a stray bullet during a car-to-car shootout on the 800 block of 4th Avenue West in Bush Hills (map). No arrest. (report)
  18. February 27: Curlie Jamal Burns, 22, was found shot to death on the side of the 2900 block of S. J. Bennett Drive in Industrial Center (map). No arrest. (report)
  19. March 5: Clifford Devon Harris, 29, was shot to death during an ambush at his home in the Alameda Terrace Apartments at 1750 Alameda Court Southwest in West End Manor (map). No arrest. (report)
  20. March 7: Courtlin Arrington, 17, died from a gunshot wound suffered during an after-school shooting at Huffman High School (map). The incident was at first characterized as accidental, but after investigating further, classmate Michael Jerome Barber was charged with manslaughter. (report)
  21. March 12: Jacari Maddox, 18, was found shot to death in the bushes at Oakmont Street and Slayden Avenue in Sherman Heights (map). No arrest. (report)
  22. March 14: Nancy Swift, 63, a nursing supervisor, was shot to death by a staff member, and a second person injured during an incident on the second floor of UAB Highlands hospital at 1201 11th Avenue South in Five Points South (map). The shooter killed himself at the scene. (report)
  23. March 17: Minnie Gray Young, 57, was found dead in an unrented room at the America's Best Inn on Messer Airport Highway. Her death was later ruled a homicide. No arrest. (report)
  24. March 19: Jamaal Grimes, 29, died at UAB Hospital from gunshot wounds suffered the previous night in a home at 2501 29th Street Ensley in Fairview (map). One person was taken into custody. No charges have been announced. (report)
  25. March 20: Remus Kevin Scalf, 46, was shot to death in an apparent robbery while doing remodeling work at a home at 1501 45th Street Ensley in Belview Heights (map). Another man was injured. No arrest. (report)
  26. March 23: Garry Lynn Logan, 29, was found shot to death in a grassy area at the Central Gardens Apartments on the 2300 block of South Park Drive in Central Park (map). Thavion Vanhorn was charged with murder in early April and turned himself in at County Jail. His brother, Travis Vanhorn, was arrested a few days later and also charged. (report)
  27. March 29: Richard Stephen Roberts, 23, died at UAB Hospital from gunshot wounds suffered while he was working on a car on the 1800 block of Francis Avenue Southwest in West End Manor (map). No arrest. (report)
  28. March 30: Gilbert George Morgan II, 28, was found dead inside his home on the 1400 block of Indiana Street in Wylam (map). No arrest. (report)
  29. March 31: Al Jamard Frank, 35, died at UAB Hospital from gunshot wounds suffered in the parking lot outside his home at the Centenniel Villa Apartments at 1430 Fred L. Shuttleworth Drive in Collegeville (map). Dennis Powell was arrested and charged with murder. (report)
  30. March 31: Rodriguez Shuford, 31, died at UAB Hospital from gunshot wounds suffered outside a home he was visiting at 3725 27th Street North in North Birmingham (map). Deaundre Cain was arrested a few days later and charged with reckless manslaughter. (report)
  31. April 1: Derrick Mason, 37, was shot to death during an argument on the 7500 block of 64th Courtway South in the Marks Village housing project in Gate City (map). No arrest. (report)
  32. April 2: Demetrius Montez Smith, 24, was shot to death while riding in a car on the 4500 block of Grasselli Boulevard in Grasselli Heights (map). No arrest. (report)
  33. April 6: An unborn child died in the womb from injuries sustained by its mother in a shooting at 916 1st Street North in the Smithfield Court public housing project in Smithfield (map). The determination of its cause of death was made by the Jefferson County Coronor's Office on April 9. Avery Turner was charged with capital murder and turned himself in to police. (report)
  34. April 9: Paul Louis Thomas, 56, was struck and killed by a vehicle on Avenue I and 54th Street in the Vinesville section of Belview Heights (map). The vehicle left the scene. No arrest. (report)


Mayor Randall Woodfin and U.S. Attorney Jay Town led the formation of a task force to address violent crime in the area. Representatives of the Birmingham Police Department, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office, the Shelby County Drug Task Force,. the Housing Authority of the Birmingham District, the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office, the Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles, and several federal agencies. The group held its first meeting on April 13, 2018 in order to coordinate resources toward implementing the city's "Operation Step Up" program alongside the Department of Justice's "Project Safe Neighborhoods" and "National Public Safety Partnership". Among the strategies pushed by those programs is the idea of using shared information about repeat offenders to target "key offenders" in violent crime "hot spots" as the most effective means of reducing overall violent crime.

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