List of buildings by height in Tuscaloosa

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This list of buildings by height in Tuscaloosa ranks buildings and other structures in Tuscaloosa by height. The tallest building in the city is currently the RBC Bank building, which rises ten stories 141 feet in downtown Tuscaloosa and was completed in 1925. The history of tall buildings in the city began with the construction of the Alston Building in 1909; this building, rising 85 feet to its main roof and seven floors, is regarded as the first "skyscraper" in Tuscaloosa. The majority of the tallest structures in the city are concentrated downtown and in and around the University of Alabama campus.

Existing buildings

RBC Bank building is the tallest building in Tuscaloosa.

Demolished structures

Notable unbuilt proposals


  • Heights are to the main roof, not to spires or other appurtenances. Heights are as given by and unless more accurate information is available.