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This is a List of homicides in 2013, including homicide cases reported throughout the Birmingham District. At least 150 homicides were reported in the area for the year Note that a "homicide" refers to the cause of death as determined by a medical examiner, not to the crime of murder as charged by prosecutors and determined by plea or trial.

Bibb County

  1. May 26: Steven Edward Geiman, 22, was stabbed to death at the Bibb County Correctional Facility in Brent. William D. Gilchrist is being held as a suspect. (report)
  2. September 22: Jason Wayne Hutchinson, 31, was shot in the head on Copperas Creek Road in Six Mile. Nicholas Robert Dunlap had gotten into a fistfight with him earlier. He later saw Hutchinson driving with his girlfriend and fired at their car, hitting him in the back of the head. He was convicted of capital murder and reckless endangerment and sentenced to life without parole. (report)
  3. December 20: The body of an unnamed victim was found behind a house on the 500 block of Frog Level Road off of Alabama State Highway 5. No arrest ([1])

Blount County

  1. September 1: James Edward Gill, 45, was killed when his Nissan Rogue was struck by a Chevrolet Silverado on Alabama State Highway 79 three miles south of Locust Fork. Callin Craig Curlette, who was found injured in the truck with evidence of driving under the influence of alcohol, was indicted for reckless manslaughter and vehicular homicide by a grand jury in 2014. His bond was revoked when he was arrested for DUI again in October 2016. He pleaded guilty in October 2017 and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. (report)

Calhoun County

  1. July 26: Gregory Caver, 5, was brought to Stringfellow Memorial Hospital with breathing difficulties and later died at Children's Hospital. The coroner determined that the cause of death was homicide and his parents, Vonta Montrell McClellan and India Kimble, were charged with capital murder. (report)
  2. August 9: Bennett Owen "Bo" Smith, 4 months, died in an unattended vehicle in the 400 block of Goode Road on the former Fort McClellan site in Anniston. His mother, Katherine Papke, was arrested and charged with manslaughter. She pleaded guilty to criminally negligent homicide and was assigned to a diversion program in lieu of imprisonment. (report)
  3. September 11: Alma Flemming, 89, was found stabbed to death at her home on Stebbins Street in Anniston. Walter Craig Pinkston and Monica Marie Shively were arrested and charged with murder. (report)

Cullman County

  1. August 25: David Eugene Abney, 42, was shot to death on 3rd Street Southwest in Cullman. The suspect, Terry Glen Bailey, 54, shot himself and died at Cullman Regional Medical Center. (report)
  2. December 19: Fredrick William Galin, 71, was found dead at his home under suspicious circumstances. An unidentified suspect, seen in the area, is sought for questioning. (report)

Hale County

  1. May 21: Deanese Myles, 50, was shot to death at a home on 5th Avenue South in Akron. Another man was wounded in the incident. Charles Myles was arrested and charged with capital murder and attempted murder. (report)

Etowah County

  1. March: Maliyah Tashay Lindsay, 20 months, was killed by blows to the neck from a sword in apparent "ritual" murder in Gadsden. Her body and several bladed weapons were found alongside torn handwritten pages from a binder in a wooded area near the end of Plainview Street. Her father, Stephon Lindsay, had already been jailed in connection with her disappearance. He pleaded not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect and claimed that he had been commanded by Yahweh. Prosecutors showed that he had taken steps to hide his crime and that narcotic use may have contributed to his delusional state. He was convicted of capital murder in March 2016 (report)
  2. August 17: Billy Baker, 53, was shot to death, along with another victim, in a drive-by on Meighan Bridge in Gadsden. Errik Laderron Hughley, Cedric Orlando Young, Willie O'Bryant Mosely and Cordaryl Craig were all arrested and charged with capital murder. Two others were charged with hindering prosecution in the case. Young pleaded guilty to felony murder in November 2017 and was sentenced to two consecutive life terms (report)
  3. August 17: Jobari Player, 35, was shot to death in the same incident. No arrest.
  4. August 21: Willie Brown, 45, was shot to death on his driveway at 1220 Kentucky Avenue in East Gadsden. The murder is believed to be related to the August 17th assault. (report)
  5. September 9: Micah Rivera, 3 weeks, died from blunt force trauma in Gadsden. His parents, Alberto Rivera and Cassie Cranford Rivera were arrested and charged with capital murder. Cassie Rivera pleaded guilty to manslaughter and was given a 20-year split sentence with a minimum of 5 years served. The charges against Alberto Rivera were dismissed at the request of prosecutors. (report)

Jefferson County



  1. November 16: Kevin Eugene Gates, 48, was hit by a Ford Ranger pick up truck while working for Dixie Tree cutting brush along Alabama State Highway 79. Sandy Michelle Oglesby of Cordova was charged with reckless manslaughter and assault. She was convicted of criminally negligent homicide based on driving under the influence and first-degree assault in October 2016. Her attorneys plan an appeal. (report)


  1. March 15: Defarris Parham, 17, was found dead from a gunshot wound to the head near Roosevelt Park and Davis Middle School. No arrest.
  2. June 19: Jimmy Bernard Hannah, 28, was shot in the back on the 2700 block of Carolina Terrace, and found dying soon afterward on the 3000 block of Exeter Avenue. Hannah identified Ronald Ross and Jimbroski Quantez Peterson as his killers, and they were charged the following day. Ross was captured at the scene and Peterson turned himself in days later. Peterson was acquitted at trial in February 2015. Ross pleaded guilty to manslaughter in April of that year and was given a 20-year split sentence with credit for time served. (report)
  3. July 15: James T. Hudson Jr, 17, was shot to death on the 100 block of 16th Street North. Tavarus Jamal Johnson pleaded guilty to provocation manslaughter and a drug possession charge. Judge David Hobdy passed down 15- and 10-year sentences, both of which were suspended, leaving him with five years' probation. (report)
  4. August 27: Ishmeal Raynard Childers, 21, was shot to death in a car on the 2100 block of 8th Alley North. No arrest. (report)


67 homicides. See List of Birmingham homicides in 2013 for details.


  1. February 28: Nathaniel Williams, Jr, 28, was found shot to death in an alley between the 500 blocks of 55th and 56th Street near Miles College. He had been reported missing from his home at 320 Oakmont Street in Birmingham and there is evidence that he was assaulted there and then dumped in Fairfield. No arrest. (report)
  2. July 5: Harold Gorden, 47, was found dead on the front porch of his abandoned former home at 4021 Court G. No arrest. (report)
  3. September 15: Nicholas Lopez Perez, 36, was shot to death after a party on the 500 block of 40th Street. Several suspects were identified. (report)
  4. November 17: Harvey Lee Ray, Jr was shot to death while allegedly assaulting someone in the parking lot of the Wellington Place Apartments at 6702 Forest Drive. The shooter called police and remained at the scene to cooperate with investigators. Witnesses said Ray was beating on the man's car and tried to pull him out. The shooter fired first at the ground before firing the fatal shots in apparent self-defense. No charges have been filed. (report)


  1. January 11: Lisa Edison Greer, 52, died at UAB Hospital after being shot the previous night at her home on Country Meadow Drive. Her daughter, also injured by gunshot, identified her father, Terry Lee Greer, as the shooter. Police responding to the daughter's call found Reverend Greer in the house, stabbing himself repeatedly. He was also hospitalized and later charged with murder and attempted murder. In May 2014 Judge Tommy Nail found Greer not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect and ordered him committed to a state mental institution. (report)


  1. March 3: Jvonte McKinslay Hines, 18, was shot to death at the Rodeway Inn at 260 Oxmoor Road during an altercation between two groups. Derrick Leimon Sailes, Jr was arrested and charged with murder. (report)
  2. July 17: Gabriella Gi-Ny "Ella" Luong, 11 months old, was found dead from hyperthermia inside her mother's car, which was parked outside her business, the Genesis Nail Spa in Homewood. The mother, Katie Luong, had forgotten that she failed to drop Ella off at her baby sitter and left her in the car. Though homicide by negligence is chargeable as manslaughter, Jefferson County District Attorney Brandon Falls determined not to seek criminal charges. (report)
  3. July 23: Karen Louise Shahan, 52, was found stabbed to death in her home on Hugh Circle. Her husband, Richard Shahan, was arrested on January 1, 2014 and charged with murder. In April 2017 prosecutors moved for nolle prosequi because they lacked sufficient evidence to proceed to trial. (report)


  1. January 21: Nicholas Taylor Schneider, 23, was found dead after a reported shooting at 860 Tyler Circle in the Ashford Townhomes in Bluff Park. No arrest. (report)
  2. March 19: Kimberly Jamison Ozburn, 39, was found stabbed to death at a home at 2305 Queensview Road. The homeowner, Jimmy Lee Frizzell, 55, was found shot to death, apparently having committed suicide after killing Ozburn in a domestic argument. (report)
  3. November 30: Michelle Shepherd, 36, was shot to death after an Iron Bowl party outside the 1600 building of the Summerchase at Riverchase apartments (in Shelby County). Adrian Laroze Briskey was taken into custody at the scene and subsequently charged with murder. She pleaded guilty to manslaughter in a "best interest plea" in Judge Corey Moore's court in April 2016. She was sentenced to serve 14 years, 9 months in prison. (report)


  1. June 20: Kristy Leigh Laney, 16, was one of two teenagers killed in an automobile crash on Morris Majestic Road. The driver, Jordan Blake Carden, and another passenger survived. Carden was charged with manslaughter. He pleaded guilty to two counts before Judge Teresa Pulliam in January 2015. ([2])
  2. June 20: Joseph O'Neal Hall, 19, was killed in the same collision.


  1. May 9: Gregory Scott Dockins, 42, was shot to death in a home on Swann Drive. He was reportedly shot by the owner of the home during a burglary attempt. The shooting was ruled justifiable. (report)
  2. August 10: Jennifer Flowers, 32, was found dead with her husband's body at their burning home on Woodward Road. Investigators determined that she died before the fire was set by her husband, William Jason Flowers, whose death was ruled a suicide. (report)
  3. October 21: An unidentified male, 36, was shot to death by the owner a home on the 900 block of 12th Street during a home invasion. (report)

Mountain Brook

  1. February 23: Nicole Elizabeth Allbrook, 24, was killed when the 2002 Chevrolet Tahoe she was riding in crashed on the 4200 block of Old Leeds Road. The driver, Dustin Wayne Day, was charged with manslaughter. (report)

Pleasant Grove

  1. November 3: David Phillip Herring, 58, was found shot to death at his father's home at 535 5th Court. His father, Don K. Herring, was also found dead. Investigators believe the elder Herring murdered his son before committing suicide. (report)


  1. November 14: Ken Millar, 81, was shot to death during an altercation at his home on the 500 block of Rockridge Avenue. Freddy Earl Patton, the common-law husband of Millar's daughter, who also lived at the house, was taken into custody at the scene and charged with intentional murder. That charge was dismissed at a hearing, but a grand jury later indicted him on a murder charge. He pleaded guilty to reckless manslaughter and was given a 15-year sentence. (report)

Unincorporated areas

  1. January 5: Charles Erskin Smothers, 40, was found shot to death on the roadside on the 2200 block of Shady Grove Road in Adamsville. His burned car was found later on Woodruff Mill Road. The victim's cousin,Jesse Lee Boyd, who had argued with Smothers over a game console a week prior and claimed to have discovered the body, was charged with murder and theft of property. (report)
  2. March 20: Tiffany Bozeman, 30, was found dead at her apartment in The Park at Rocky Ridge. Her daughter was also found dead at the scene, and her 5-year-old son was injured by gunfire. Bozeman's boyfriend, Brandon Menefee, 30, was found dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound in his car the same day in Fairfield. Investigators determined that the case was a double murder-suicide (report)
  3. March 20: Gabrielle Menefee, 3, Bozeman's daughter, was killed in the same incident.
  4. March 20: The body of Floyd Thomas Carlee, 54, reported missing on July 29, 2012, was found in the Warrior River near Oak Grove. Investigators believe he was beaten and robbed at his home on 4th Avenue Bessemer before his body was dumped in the river. Corey Steven Clark and Christopher Lee Baughn were arrested in April 2013 and charged with capital murder. Harvey Lee Irwin was arrested in September 2013 and also charged with capital murder (report)
  5. May 7: A woman walking her dog on Shady Crest Road near Adamsville at 12:15 AM shot and killed her boyfriend's stepson, Demetrius Antuan Thompson, 21. She told investigators that she had seen a man run by the house and went inside to get a gun. When she came back out, he was walking toward her and ignored her warnings to stop. Prosecutors decided not to charge her with any crime. (report)
  6. May 19: Anthony Jones, 54, was stabbed to death by a fellow inmate at the Donaldson Correctional Facility in western Jefferson County. Albert James Evans, who is serving life without parole for attempted murder, was identified as the suspect. (report)
  7. June 6: Romaine Dontrey "Tree" Witherspoon, 33, was shot to death in his front yard on the 400 block of Hillside Avenue in Muscoda. Paudriciquez Martez Fuller, who had been involved in an ongoing dispute with Witherspoon, was charged with capital murder and turned himself in. He was convicted of capital murder and sentenced by Judge David Carpenter to life without the possibility of parole. (report)
  8. June 25: The body of Gary Anthony Cade, 25, was found below a bridge on Glasgow Road at Gildersleeve Road near Edgewater. Cade had been reported missing five days earlier. Markus Timothy Curry and Kenarius Deandre Butler were arrested and charged with robbery and murder. (report)
  9. September 7: Andre Tyreece Davis, 20, was shot in his apartment on the 200 block of Crabapple Lane in Forestdale and died later at UAB Hospital. HIs roommate, James Kevin Mixon, was charged with murder and turned himself in the same day. He pleaded self-defense in Tracie Todd's court and the jury found him guilty of the reduced charge of reckless manslaughter. (report)
  10. October 14: Kennis Bernard Rucker, 30, was found shot to death at a house on the 100 block of 3rd Street in Docena. His girlfriend's ex-boyfriend, Markeith Antonion Hall, and another man, Refeal Peoples, were arrested at a house a few blocks away and charged with murder. Hall pleaded guilty to misdemeanor criminally negligent homicide and was released with credit for time served prior to trial. Peoples pleaded guilty to felony murder and was given a 25-year sentence by Judge Clyde Jones. (report}
  11. November 17: Tyna Delmay Spivery, 43, was shot to death at her home on the 6500 block of Kathy Circle off Old Springville Road near Pinson and Clay. Her sister was wounded in the shooting, and her boyfriend, who fled the scene, was taken into custody in Trussville shortly afterward. Cedric Devon Lowe was convicted of murder and attempted murder in April 2015 in Theresa Pulliam's court. (report)
  12. November 17: Hattie Bell Stokes, 55, was stabbed to death at her home on the 4800 block of Longmeadow Lane near McCalla. Her husband called police to confess and was taken into custody at the scene. (report)
  13. December 21: Roosevelt Parker, Jr was shot to death during an altercation at a birthday party at Nikki's Event Center in the Parkway Square Shopping Center on the 1200 block of Center Point Parkway in northeast Jefferson County. Suspect Marcus Jerell White turned himself in and was charged with murder. (report)

Shelby County

  1. January 16: Karen Lewis, 39, was killed when her 2004 Ford Escape was hit head-on by a 1996 Ford Explorer being driven in the wrong lane on Shelby County Highway 26 just east of Alabaster by Drew Graham. He was charged with reckless murder and assault. (report)
  2. Jimmy Horton, 32, was shot to death in a domestic incident in Pelham. No charges have been filed.
  3. November 24: James Edward Sherwood, 46, was shot to death in Calera and his body left in a vacant site off Elvira Road (Shelby County Road 269) in Hoover. Jessy Charles Hoyt and Russell Ray Thomas were arrested and charged with murder. Thomas and another accomplice, Charles Edgar Tucker, pleaded guilty to lesser charges of hindering prosecution before Judge Dan Reeves in 2014 and were each given 10-year sentences. Hoyt pleaded guilty to murder in Lara Alvis' court in February 2017 and was sentenced to 25 years, with credit for time served. (report)
  4. December 5: Lisa M. Langston, 40, was shot to death at a house on Slab Hill Road in Calera. Demetrius Raishaud Watson was charged with murder. (report)
  • (See listing in Hoover for one additional homicide in the county.)

St Clair County

  1. March 29: George Edward Mostella, 48, was stabbed to death on Danny's Drive in Ashville after a fight. Austin Turner was arrested as a suspect in the death. (report)
  2. May 18: Marla Keith Beasley, 39, was killed from injuries suffered in a motorcycle crash at M. A. Lee Road and Park Avenue in Moody. Marvin Dewayne Bates, 45, was charged with manslaughter for causing her death. (report)
  3. June 19: Lindsey Michelle Love, 29, was found stabbed to death at her residence on 31st Street North in Pell City. Her older brother, Brett Christopher Love, admitted to the crime in phone calls to his mother and a friend. He was arrested while hiding under the I-20 overpass at Pleasant Valley Drive and charged with murder. He pleaded guilty in November 201 and was sentenced to 25 years by Judge Bill Weathington. (report)
  4. December 13: Carolyn Browning, 52, was shot to death at a home on Maverick Drive in Ashville. No arrest. (report)

Talladega County

  1. March 12: Cameron Gardener McGlothan, 19, was found dead on the side of Sycamore Cemetery Road in Sycamore a week after he was reported missing from his home in the Highland Lakes subdivision in Shelby County. Justin Hamilton of Chelsea and Demarcus Samuels of Sylacauga were arrested and charged with capital murder. McGlothan's family also filed a wrongful death suit against Eddleman Properties and Walden Security, the developer of Highland Lakes and the security provider for the gated subdivision. (report)
  2. May 3: Cody Allen Rollins, 2, was found dead from apparent trauma at a home on Pecanwood Drive in Oxford. Bryan Butts was arrested and charged with capital murder. (report)
  3. May 18: A 3-year-old child died after falling out of a Mercury Mountaineer driven by his mother, Rymeshia Williams. She was arrested and charged with manslaughter. (report)
  4. June: Jalea Payne, 8 months, died from apparent abuse. Her father, Eric Payne, was charged with capital murder. (report)
  5. July 31: Sara Aletha Mitchell, 20, was murdered and her body found in a dumpster outside a Rite-Aid pharmacy at 4880 U.S. Highway 78 in Oxford. Her boyfriend, Justin Clarence McConico, was arrested in Georgia and charged with capital murder in Jefferson County. He accepted a plea deal and was sentenced by Judge Tommy Nail to serve 25 years in prison. (report)
  6. October 8: James Rosa, 50, and Curry Rosa, 49, were found shot to death in an apparent murder-suicide in the bedroom of their home in the Plantation subdivision off County Line Road in Oxford. (report)

Tuscaloosa County

  1. February 24: Kate Ragsdale, 73, was found dead at her home in The Highlands subdivision. No arrest. $25,000 in reward money for information leading to a conviction has been offered. (report)
  2. April 9: Matthew Hunter Callahan, 17, was shot to death at his apartment in the River Road Condominiums in Tuscaloosa during an apparent robbery. Kiunte "Felon" Furr and Timothy "Junior" Thornton were arrested and charged with capital murder.
  3. June 13: George Foster Jr, 57, was found stabbed to death in his home. His nephew, Alexius Rhamon Foster, was convicted of capital murder in November 2015, but was retried after the arrest of another suspect, Shadrell Marguis Matthews, in August 2015. Foster was convicted a second time on retrial and sentenced to life without parole. (report)
  4. July 12: Roy Sewell, 71, was shot to death at his house on Dyers Court in Northport near the Tuscaloosa Regional Airport while engaged in a shootout with his neighbor in a dispute over a fence. Investigators determined that the neighbor acted in self defense. (report)
  5. July 15: Jerry Kyandre Little, 20, was killed in a gunfight on 1600 block of 43rd Court in West Tuscaloosa near Stillman College. Jeffery Dwayne Jackson was arrested and charged with murder. (report)
  6. July 17: Antonio Lashawn Williams, 30, was reported missing from his home in Holt by family members. Alexius Rhamon Foster was arrested and charged with attempted murder in the disappearance, which was believed to be connected to the murder of his uncle, George Foster, in June. The cases were combined and the charges upgraded to murder when evidence of Williams' death turned up in the investigation. Hunters found Williams' remains in a wooded area near Joe Mallisham Parkway in September 2013. Foster was convicted of capital murder in November 2015, but was retried after the arrest of another suspect, Shadrell Marguis Matthews, in August 2015. Foster was convicted a second time on retrial and sentenced to life without parole. (report)
  7. August 18: Demetrius Strother, 28, was shot to death on the 1700 Block of Kicker Road in Tuscaloosa. Raquez Thomas was arrested in Anniston. (report)
  8. October 20: Melanie Powell, 51, was killed when the car she was in with a male companion was forced off of Sylvan Loop Road in Fosters by her husband, Taylor Powell. Mr Powell, a former Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Department deputy, had chased them from the man's house on Cypress Road. He shot and killed himself at the scene afterward. (report)
  9. October 20: Ronald Hydrick, 53, was killed along with Melanie Powell in the same incident.
  10. December 19: Marcus Lee White, 31, was shot to death at an apartment on the 3100 block of Short 19th Street in Tuscaloosa in apparent self-defense following an altercation. (report)
  11. December 20: Michael White, 43, was shot to death during an argument with his step-mother, Kathy White, at his home on Koffman Loop Road in Northport. Mrs White later killed herself. (report)

Walker County

  1. May 10: Darren K. Wilcock, 42, was killed when a car driven by Manuel Gutierrez, an undocumented immigrant, collided with two motorcycles at Arrow Road and Highway 118 in Jasper. Gutierrez was charged with first-degree assault with additional charges pending. (report)
  2. September 1: Adam Wesley Myers, 33, was found dead on Blackwell Dairy Road near Walker Baptist Medical Center, the apparent victim of a hit-and-run. No arrest. (report)

Winston County

  1. October 2: Kristie Hunt Campbell Hamrick, 39, was one of four people found dead from close-range shotgun inside a car on Winston County Road 327 in the Black Pond area of the Bankhead National Forest near Double Springs. Authorities suspect a murder-suicide pact. Written statements were found in the car. All of the victims were from Savannah, Tennessee. Three were related and two were due to appear in court on child molestation and pornography charges. (report)
  2. October 2: Kevin Michael Carey, 30, was found dead in the same car.
  3. October 2: Robert Samuel Hamrick, 29, was found dead in the same car.
  4. October 2: Andy Keith Hunt, 37, was found dead in the same car, and is believed to have shot the others before killing himself.
  5. October 7: Maxine Carroll, 80, was found dead, along with her nephew, in her home at 23797 Winston County Road 41 in the Upshaw community of Addison. No arrest. (report)
  6. October 7: Bryan Stephens, 50, was found dead with his aunt at the same house.


  • Robinson, Carol (January 1, 2014) "Birmingham ends 2013 with drop in killings." The Birmingham News