List of tornadoes in Shelby County

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This is a list of tornadoes in Shelby County (in order of occurrence):

This list is incomplete and may never satisfy any subjective standard for completeness. You can help Bhamwiki by expanding it.

  1. 1874 Montevallo tornado (November 22, 1874): More than half of the city of Montevallo was damaged . Two died and twenty were injured.
  2. 1932 tornado outbreak (March 21, 1932): 49 were killed in a path that stretched across Perry, Bibb, Chilton and Shelby counties, followed soon later by a second deadly tornado in Atchison.
  3. 1932 Atchison tornado (March 21, 1932): 14 were killed and 75 injured in an early evening tornado that destroyed 40 homes and damaged 200 buildings in Atchison.
  4. 1933 Helena tornado (May 5, 1933): Touched down in Brent and plowed into Helena, killing 14 and injuring 150 while demolishing more than 100 buildings.
  5. 1953 Siluria tornado (April 18, 1953): Eight died and nearly 500 were injured by a tornado that hit Siluria and the Buck Creek Mill, which suffered $3 million in physical damages.
  6. 1964 Harpersville tornado (January 24, 1964): Touched down near U. S. Highway 280 in Harpersville and leveled three houses, damaged 20 more, and tore a gash through the Harpersville Garden of Memories.
  7. 1973 central Alabama tornado (May 27, 1973): Caused heavy damage in seven counties, starting near Greensboro and reaching Mount Cheaha. It damaged 90% of the buildings in Brent, killing 5 and injuring 56 in Bibb County.
  8. 1994 Shelby County tornado (March 27, 1994): Destroyed numerous mobile homes and several businesses along U. S. Highway 31 from Helena and Pelham to Inverness. 53 were injured in the Palm Sunday twister.
  9. 2011 Altadena tornado (April 27, 2011): Numerous trees were knocked down which caused damage to homes, apartment buildings, vehicles and power lines.
  10. 2011 Marvel tornado (April 27, 2011): Snapped off dozens off pine trees.
  11. 2011 Vincent-Logan Martin tornado (April 27, 2011): Uprooted dozens of trees.