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Lithos II (1993) is a large-scale site-specific sculpture installation created by artist Elyn Zimmerman which is in the permanent collection of the Birmingham Museum of Art and displayed on the upper plaza at the east end of the Charles W. Ireland Sculpture Garden on axis with the bowed glass stairway. The 12 foot tall by 32 foot wide sculpture consists of large granite panels and blocks set inside a frame and washed continuously with water which collects into a pool that extends out 8 feet from the base of the sculpture.

The layered and textured stone was inspired by Zimmerman's visits to local quarries in preparation for the commission. Zimmerman collaborated with Edward Larrabee Barnes and KPS Group on the design of the entire sculpture garden and on the details of installing her work. She was also consulted on the plantings that help frame the piece. Together the ensemble helps to screen noise from the I-20/59 bridge and obscure the view from the plaza to the Mel Bailey Criminal Justice Center.

The sculpture was purchased with funds raised by the 1991 Museum Ball, by the employees of Southern Living, and the museum's acquisition budget.

At some point the fountain was turned off and drained due to water leaking into the offices below. The leaks were repaired and the fountain resumed operation in June 2014.

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