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Ludington Lane is a street in the Crestwood area of Birmingham. The half-mile east-west road traverses the Century Park East development and was once home to Toys-R-Us, Circuit City, and national chain casual dining resturants. It intersects with Oporto Madrid Boulevard to the west and Crestwood Boulevard to the east. The west end has traffic lights and lines up with an entrance and exit to Century Plaza. The east end has no traffic lights and only allows access from/to west-bound traffic on Crestwood Boulevard.

The "Crestwood-Oporto District Redevelopment Plan", commissioned from KPS Group by the City of Birmingham, envisions denser redevelopment of Ludington Lane with an open air shopping street connecting to the Century Plaza site with a bridge across Oporto-Madrid. The plan is intended for use as a vision of the potential for the area, not as a blueprint for any specific development project.

In 2010, Lovelady Thrift Store opened in the former Circuit City building. The former Toys-R-Us was redeveloped by George Barber's Ludington Lane LLC in 2013 for Family Leisure, a national retailer of patio furniture, spas, pool tables and pools. The project was granted $250,000 in incentives by the Birmingham City Council.



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