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Lunasect was a prog rock/electronic founded in 1998 as a follow-up to Moonbuggy. The group originally included keboardist Paul Gaspelin, bassist Jonathan Hyatt, guitarist Daniel Farris and vocalist Heather Bray, who all appeared on the group's first album, "Long Lost" (2000).

During sessions for a follow-up album, Gaspelin and Bray relocated separately to Los Angeles, California, where they later reunited as Intercom. Jessica Grant replaced Bray as Lunasect's vocalist. Les Nuby and Matt Kimbrell joined the band as percussionists. Chris Bentley, Tim Boykin and Brian Teasley appeared as guest artists on various recordings.

Lunasect made several appearances in support of their 2003 double album, "Points of Departure," before becoming inactive. An EP of earlier recordings was released in 2004. Grant, Farris, Hyatt and Nuby reconvened with a rock/disco/punk sound and began performing together in 2005 as Black Pill.


  • Lunasect (1999) "Ghost" EP
  • Lunasect (2000) "Long Lost." Louipimps Records
  • Lunasect (2001) "Exit Zero" EP
  • Lunasect (2002) "Live 2002" EP
  • Lunasect (2002) "Points Of Departure." double album. Louipimps Records
  • Lunasect (2002) "Bleeding Through" EP
  • Lunasect (2004) "Junk Pop" EP

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