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Lynn Boulevard is a short street in two northwest-southeast segments in Homewood, each less than one-tenth of a mile long. The northern segment previously connected 26th Avenue South in Rosedale to 18th Street South, just north of Rosedale Drive. Access to 18th is now blocked and it instead connects to an alley running behind homes along 18th Place South. The southern segment runs from 27th Avenue South, across 19th Place South, to between Alabama Booksmith and Birmingham Surgery Center, just short of Rosedale Drive.

Lynn Boulevard was originally built along part of a Birmingham Water Works right-of-way that connects the Shades Mountain Filter Plant to a surge tank alongside 18th Street. This right-of-way is on an angle relative to the grid of the rest of the streets. Lynn originally ran from East Avenue (later named 20th Street South) to 18th Street. When the Red Mountain Expressway and Robins Drive were built in the 1960s, the creation of Robins caused the removal of most of Lynn Boulevard.

Due to the road's shortness and odd angle, there are currently no addresses on the street.