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MAX Transit Route 1 is a bus route serviced by the Birmingham Jefferson County Transit Authority from Birmingham Central Station to South Bessemer.

Major stops along both the outbound and inbound route include the Central Station, Baptist Medical Center Princeton, West End High School, Jeffeson Avenue SW and 40th Street SW, 5th Avenue and 19th Street, West Lake Mall (on some trips), Wal-Mart on Academy Drive and UAB Medical West.

Weekday service is provided between 5:10 AM and 8:00 PM at at 30 minute intervals during rush hour and 60 minute intervals at mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Saturday service is provided between 6:50 AM and 7:10 PM at 60 minute intervals throughout the day.


In 1960 Birmingham Transit Company Route 1 also followed the South Bessemer route, following 2nd Avenue North and Tuscaloosa Avenue into Elyton, then turning north on 12th Street Southwest, west on Woodland Avenue and back south on 18th Street Southwest to join Pearson Avenue at West End High School. The route continued southwest along Pearson, bearing left at 31st Street Southwest onto Jefferson Avenue in Powderly. The route continued past Lipscomb and Brownville on South Bessemer Road and up 20th Street Bessemer as far as Bessemer Road before looping back to South Bessemer Road via 18th Street Bessemer.


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