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MAX Transit Route 25 is a bus route serviced by the Birmingham Jefferson County Transit Authority from Birmingham Central Station to Center Point.

Major stops along both the outbound and inbound route include the Central Station, Messer Airport Highway at 41st Street North, 1st Avenue North at 68th Street North, the Roebuck Shopping Center, Center Point Parkway and 23rd Avenue NW, and Jefferson State Community College.

Weekday service is provided between 6:00 AM and 9:00 PM at 60 minute intervals throughout the day. Saturday service is provided between 7:05 AM and 9:05 PM at 2 hour intervals throughout the day.


In 1960 Birmingham Transit Company Route 25 also followed a 1st Avenue North route, branching off from 26th Street near the Birmingham Terminal Station, and traveling eastward through Avondale, Woodlawn and East Lake to 87th Street, making a small loop at the present site of the Roebuck Municipal Golf Course before returning downtown on the same route.


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