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The Magic City Jazz Orchestra (MCJO) was founded in 1999 as a spin-off of UAB's SuperJazz Big Band by pianist and vocalist Ray Reach. The purpose of the group is to perform and record new big band jazz music. To date, the MCJO has made recordings with saxophonist Lou Marini, Jr and trumpeter Lew Soloff.

The group's personnel for Lou's Blues included Gary Hallquist, Gary Wheat, Dave Amaral, Neil McLean, Grady Chandler, Daniel Western and Kim Bain on woodwinds; John Taylor, Chris Gordon, Craig Konicek, Mart Avant, Daryl Jones and Bo Berry on trumpets; Steve Pryor, Edson Worden, Bob Black, Charles Ard, and Jim Moeller on trombones; Chris Wendle and Robert Dickson on bass, Tom Wolfe and Jim Wallis on guitar, Steve Sample, Jr and Sonny Harris on drums, and Reach on piano and organ. The liner notes for the Lou's Blues CD were written by Grammy Award winning arranger and composer Bob Belden.


  • Lou's Blues, Lou Marini and the Magic City Jazz Orchestra.
  • Lew Soloff - Live at WorkPlay.

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