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Margaret Aileen Tingle (1915January 13, 2007) worked for the Birmingham Park and Recreation Board from 1933 to 1978, serving as park director for Harrison Park and Ensley Park and leading the Lane Park Day Camp. She taught at Blessed Sacrament Academy and at John Carroll High School and also volunteered with numerous arts organizations and had a special love for the restoration of the Arlington Antebellum Gardens and Home.


Tingle was the daughter of William Bronough and Aileen Lindsay Tingle. Her father left to find work during the Depression, but never returned. She then became the primary money earner of the household, supporting her mother and brother who lived with her until their deaths.

She graduated from Ensley High School, but continued to learn on her own throughout her life, taking courses on subjects such as Arabic, art, antiques, and architecture. She enjoyed international travel and, in her 80s, went to Bath, England to study British history. She also enjoyed athletics in her younger days, trying out as a sprinter for the 1936 Olympics.

Tingle was a prominent fixture in West End, known for riding her bicycle as she didn't get a driver's license until the 1950s. She also hosted an annual Christmas party. Although she moved to Homewood in 1981, she still was often found attending reunions in the area.

In the early 1950s, Tingle was part of the group that raised $50,000 to buy and preserve Arlington Antebellum Home and Gardens. She lived just two blocks away on 4th Street Southwest. Tingle continued to visit Arlington almost daily after moving to Homewood and a tree was planted on the grounds in her honor.

She died on January 13, 2007. Her funeral was held at Shades Mountain Baptist Church, where she had become a member after many years attending and teaching Sunday school at Ensley Baptist Church and West End Baptist Church. Tingle had planned the funeral's details herself, from the flowers and music to the going-away party afterward. She is buried at Oak Hill Cemetery.


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