Maurice Branscomb

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William Maurice Branscomb Jr (born September 19, 1925; died January 13, 2018 in Spanish Fort, Baldwin County) was an Episcopal priest who served as rector of St Andrew's Episcopal Church for eleven years and Grace Episcopal Church for nine years.

While serving as rector in Southside and Woodlawn, Branscomb led his congregations' "street and altar" ministries, inspired by the 19th century "Oxford Movement" in the Church of England. The churches both adopted a formalized liturgy alongside a demonstrated commitment to serving their communities. Outreach efforts initiated at his direction included 55th Place thrift shop, Community Kitchens, and Interfaith Hospitality House.

The parish hall at Grace Episcopal Church is named in Branscomb's honor. He retired in 1997, and died in 2018 in Baldwin County.