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The McPherson Companies (TMC) is an independent lubricant distributor headquartered at 5051 Cardinal Street in Trussville. It is ranked among the 20 largest private companies in the Birmingham area, with $424 million in revenues in 2017. The current President and CEO is Ken McPherson.

McPherson Oil Products was founded in 1971 by Charles K. "Mac" McPherson Sr in Oneonta. The company originally began as a distributor of Shell Oil products. Today it is one of the largest independent distrubutors of lubricants, providing products from ExxonMobil, BP/Castrol, ConocoPhillips/Kendall and its own private label brand, Proteck.

In 1996 McPherson moved its corporate offices to Birmingham. In 2001, the distribution facility moved to Trussville. In 2005, the corporate offices moved in with the distribution facility as well. TMC operates facilities in several locations across Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas.

In October 2018 McPherson acquired Retif Oil & Fuel LLC, B&M Oil Co. and Salathe Oil Co.


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