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Michael Jackson made one notable visit to Birmingham during the peak of his popularity. He and his brothers came to the city in the Summer of 1984 to rehearse for their "Victory" tour.

Cliff Muldrow and another driver from Cliff's Limosuine Service drove the Jacksons to the Hyatt House in two vans, trying to throw off fans. Still he had to jump out of the driver's seat and ask where Michael was in order to further deflect attention.

During his visit, Michael was taken to Century Plaza, the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, and to a barbecue restaurant.

On a Sunday morning, Michael donned a false mustache, afro-wig, hat and black suit and went door-to-door handing out literature on behalf of the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Before they left, the Jacksons acceded to the request of Mayor Richard Arrington Jr and addressed fans from a hotel balcony.

Other connections

  • Birmingham concert promoter John Ray was hired to promote three of Jackson's concerts in Dallas, Texas.


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