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Michael A. Martone (born 1955 in Fort Wayne, Indiana) is an author and former professor of creative writing at the University of Alabama.

Martone attended Butler University in Indianapolis and graduated from Indiana University. He holds a master of arts from the Writing Seminars of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland. He has been a faculty member of the master of fine arts program for writers at Warren Wilson College in Swannanoa, North Carolina since 1988, and has also taught at Iowa State University, Harvard University and Syracuse University.

Martone has won an Associated Writing Programs Award for Creative Nonfiction in 1998, the Indiana Author's Award in 2013, and the Mark Twain Award from The Society for the Study of Midwestern Literature in 2016. He came to the University of Alabama in 1996 and has rotated as co-director of the Program in Creative Writing. He and his wife, poet Theresa Pappas, moved to Tuscaloosa with their two sons. Martone retired in 2020.


Poetry and chapbooks

  • Martone, Michael (1977) At a Loss. Fort Wayne, Indiana: Windless Orchard Press
  • Martone, Michael (1985) Return to Powers. Fort Wayne, Indiana: Windless Orchard Press
  • Martone, Michael (1999) The Sex Life of the Fantastic Four. Tuscaloosa: Strode Cabin Press
  • Martone, Michael (2000) The Blue Guide to Indiana. Tuscaloosa: The Wing & the Wheel Press
  • Martone, Michael (2009) Thucydides at Sycacuse. Boulder, Colorado: Mud Luscious Press


  • Martone, Michael (1984) Alive and Dead in Indiana. Alfred A. Knopf
  • Martone, Michael (1988) Safety Patrol. The Johns Hopkins University Press
  • Martone, Michael (1990, revised and expanded 1992) Fort Wayne Is Seventh on Hitler’s List. Indiana University Press
  • Martone, Michael (1994) Pensées: The Thoughts of Dan Quayle. Broad Ripple Press
  • Martone, Michael (1995) Seeing Eye. Zoland Books
  • Martone, Michael (2001) The Blue Guide to Indiana. Tallahassee, Florida: Fiction Collective Two ISBN 1573660957
  • Martone, Michael (2005) Michael Martone. Tallahassee, Florida: Fiction Collective Two ISBN 1573661260
  • Martone, Michael (2006) Night Terrors: An Introduction to Zombigaze.
  • Martone, Michael (2007) Double-Wide: Collected Fiction of Michael Martone
  • Martone, Michael (2011) Four for a Quarter: Fictions. Tuscaloosa: University of Alabama Press ISBN 9781573668279
  • Martone, Michael (2015) Memoranda. Bull City Press ISBN 9781495157622
  • Martone, Michael & Bryan Furuness (2015) Winesburg, Indiana: A Fork River Anthology. ISBN 9780253017345
  • Martone, Michael (2018) Brooding: Arias, Choruses, Lullabies, Follies, Dirges, and a Duet. ISBN 9780820353074
  • Martone, Michael (2018) The Moon over Wapakoneta: Fictions & Science Fictions from Indiana & Beyond ISBN 9781573660686


  • Martone, Michael (1985) Return to Powers
  • Martone, Michael (1999) The Flatness and Other Landscapes. University of Georgia Press
  • Martone, Michael (2005) Unconventions: Attempting the Art of Craft and the Craft of Art
  • Martone, Michael (2008) Racing in Place: Collages, Fragments, Postcards, Ruins

As editor

  • Martone, Michael, ed. (1988) A Place of Sense: Essays in Search of the Midwest. University of Iowa Press
  • Martone, Michael, ed. (1992) Townships: Pieces of the Midwest. University of Iowa Press
  • Martone, Michael & Lex Williford, editors (1999) The Scribner Anthology of Contemporary Short Fiction: Fifty North American American Stories Since 1970.
  • Martone, Michael & Robin Hemley, ed. (2003) Extreme Fiction: Fabulists and Formalists.
  • Martone, Michael, ed. (2006) Rules of Thumb: 73 Authors Reveal Their Fiction Writing Fixations.
  • Martone, Michael & Lex Williford, editors (2007) Touchstone Anthology of Contemporary Creative Nonfiction.
  • Martone, Michael, ed. (2009) Not Normal, Illinois: Peculiar Fictions from the Flyover.
  • Martone, Michael, ed. (2020) The Collected Writings of Art Smith, the Bird Boy of Fort Wayne.


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