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Mike Mulwa Ngangi (born c. 1987 in Kenya; died June 4, 2017 at UAB Hospital) was a retail clerk and entrepreneur who was murdered during a robbery while he was working at the Citgo station at 9800 Parkway East in Roebuck.

Ngangi was the son of Councillor Ngangi and Violent Mueni of Kenya. He moved to the United States in 2008, joining an older brother and several other family members who had emigrated. He settled in Acworth, Georgia and began working as a department store clerk in the Atlanta area and later as a worker for Shaw Industries, a Dalton, Georgia-based carpet manufacturer.

Ngangi launched a clothing line using Kenya's "254" telephone country code. He marketed t-shirts and other apparel to the Kenyan-American community at cultural and sporting events across the country. By late 2016 he was living in Birmingham and working as a convenience store clerk. He was present when a fellow worker was shot during a robbery that December. He was fatally wounded by gunshot during another robbery in June 2017. Chandler Jacoby Bryant was arrested several days later and indicted in October for capital murder and first-degree robbery.


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