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Millie Ray's is a commercial food manufacturer providing frozen, par baked orange, cinnamon, sausage and yeast rolls to grocery stores and restaurants. Created in Homewood by real estate saleswoman Millie Ray in 1979, the rolls were originally sold by the dozen to friends, family and clients of her Delectable Edibles catering arm. Her husband, Ben helped to market the rolls after they moved to Montgomery in 1991, and the business was launched formally in February 2010.

Millie Ray's soon won retail deals with Southern Family Markets, Piggly Wiggly, and other grocers. They are also available at V. Richard's, Mr. P's Deli, and Murphree's Fruits & Vegetables. Birmingham's Wood Fruitticher distributes the company's products. Urban Cookhouse features Millie Ray's rolls on its menus.

Millie's sons, Ryan and Ben III, rejoined the family business after a stint as Zoe's Kitchen franchisees, bringing along "silent partner" Tyre Stuckey, Zoe's vice president of operations. In July 2012 the company relocated and expanded to to the Commerce Square Business Park in Irondale and added Winn-Dixie to its list of clients.

In Summer 2016 Millie Ray's moved its production to 2912 Reverend Abraham Woods Jr Boulevard in Birmingham.


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