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Milo Clifton Carlton Sr (born March 25, 1919; died January 30, 1995) was the founder of Milo's Hamburgers.

Milo Carlton was one of five boys in his family, all of whom were in the restaurant business. Milo began working part-time in one of his brother's restaurants, Dipsey Doodle, in 1939. He signed up for the National Guard the following year and was deployed in 1941. He was assigned to the Food Service Division. During this time, the Army sent Carlton to three cooking schools. As World War II ended, he was teaching cooking at Camp Sibert in Gadsden. Carlton was discharged in 1945.

In 1946, Carlton and his wife, Bea, opened Milo's Hamburger Shop at 31st Street and 12th Avenue North. It was there Carlton perfected the hamburger sauce that would become the mainstay of the restaurant. When I-20/I-59 was built through Milo's original location in 1963, Carlton moved the restaurant to 2820 10th Avenue North.

In his later years, Carlton was joined in business by one of his sons, Ronnie Carlton. Ronnie convinced Milo to begin franchising Milo's. The first franchise opened in Southside in 1983. As Milo's health deteriorated, Ronnie took over the business. Carlton died of a heart attack on January 30, 1995 at the age of 75.


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